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Featured In Print

Andrew S. Kirschner Architect has received recognition in various publications for our architectural designs. Represented here are a few examples:


Brevard Business News




The Winter 2020 edition of Space Coast BUSINESS had a featured article on the upcoming The Surf at Cocoa Beach condominium project in Brevard County. These luxury beachfront condominiums are going to be located in downtown Cocoa Beach, FL, and anticipates welcoming residents in Fall 2022. For more photos and information visit the Surf Condo website here. To read the full article visit this website.


Brevard Business News



Image courtesy of Diamonte Condos

The July 20th 2020 edition of Brevard Business News, had a featured article on the upcoming Diamonte condominium project in Brevard County. These modern luxury riverfront condominiums are situated on the edge of the Indian River in our local Melbourne, FL, and are loaded with amenities. For more photos visit this website. For the full article visit this website. Image courtesy of Diamonte Condos.


Elle Decor




The May 2019 edition of Elle Decor, had a featured article on this historic 6,000 square foot 1920s residence in Palm Beach. With the help of Andrew Scott Kirschner, this house was renovated and landmarked. For more photos and to read the full article, visit this website.

JKA MAG - Florida Design V28-N4.png

Florida Design

Volume 28

Number 4

JKA FLD - Relaxed Caribbean.jpg

The December 2018 edition of Florida Design, Volume 28 Number 4, featured this relaxed Caribbean style estate. Designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner, this house was a winner of the prestigious Aurora Award for 2018. Additional pictures may be found in this portfolio.

JKA MAG - Florida Design V23-N1.png

Florida Design

Volume 23

Number 1

JKA FLD - Contemporary Estate.jpg

The firm’s work on a contemporary Winter Park, Florida home was featured in Volume 23 Number 1 of Florida Design. The home is designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner.

JKA MAG - Florida Architecture.png

Florida Architecture


JKA FLA - Beachside Estate.jpg

An oceanfront home designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner earned cover placement in 79th Annual Florida Architecture. A full photo gallery of images from this Vero Beach estate may be viewed in this portfolio.

JKA MAG - VeroBeachMag April 2018.png

Vero Beach Magazine

April 2018 Edition

JKA VBM - French Country Villa.jpg

The April 2018 edition of Vero Beach Magazine featured a French Country Villa designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner. A full gallery of additional pictures may be viewed in this portfolio.

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